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Links / Recommendations / Referrals

Below is a starting list of products and services that I recommend.

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LastPass - Password Management

Zoho / Manage Engine - Diverse tools and services for Businesses of all sizes. Most services also include a FREE plan, but can also offer a few less options. Other tiers are available depending on your specific needs, and all are typically quite affordable. 

**NOTE: There have been times over the years where some FREE Plans have been discontinued or limited in some way. Many times they will grandfather in those who have those plans and just not offer them (or impose the new limits) to new subscribers. Occasionally on some of the services they may not grandfather existing users. Keep in mind, when most other companies cancel FREE services, they typically don't grandfather in anyone and force everyone to pay. Their paid plans are typically very reasonable for the services they provide, and their uptime and support in my experience have been quite good.