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Welcome to VirtuallySurreal Tech Services

We provide Managed Services (MSP) for Businesses and Individuals.

MSP Services packages are tailored to your specific needs with the following:

  • Endpoint Security Software: Antivirus/Malware/Firewall Solutions
  • 3rd Party Software Patches/Updates (Java, Flash, Browsers, and more Internet-Connected and Exploitable Software)
  • Windows Update Patch Installation/Verification: With Restart Prompts that replace Windows Automatic Restarts, ensuring Updates are Applied, and minimize lost work, files and productivity due to Windows restarting on its own
  • Full BDR Solutions (Backup Disaster Recovery)
  • Local and Cloud Backup Solutions
  • System Monitoring and Notification for Problems Before They Become More Destructive/Expensive
  • System Maintenance: Hardware Cleaning and System Settings & OS Configuration

In addition to common hardware failure, software errors and user error that can corrupt or delete your important files and data, now there are ever-increasing risks of global from Ransomware and vulnerabilities/exploits in everyday software and Windows Operating Systems, requiring vigilant monitoring of patch and update releases for installed software. Make sure to apply relevant patches and updates as soon as possible to keep your system secure and protected. It is a good idea to verify there are no issues with the released patches and updates prior to updating a Production environment, especially with the release of several bad/problematic Windows Updates lately.

If you do not currently have a BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) plan and a solution in place, before something bad happens is the time to do something about it. For proper protection, it should also follow the 3-2-1 (3-2-1-0) Backup Rule:

  • 3 Different Copies
  • 2 Different Media
  • 1 in a Different Location
  • (0 Errors During Verification)

* File Versioning and Deleted File Retention of an adequate time-frame are also necessary in a proper Backup/BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) solution. Verify with your solution how long you have before Deleted Files are removed, as many permanently remove deleted files after 30 days.

For Businesses and Individuals, we also provide installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of:

  • Computers
  • Software
  • Peripherals/Connected Devices
  • Networking Components/Solutions (Wired and WiFi)

We provide On-Site support in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Remote troubleshooting/support is available for any supported devices/equipment with working internet connectivity in any geographic location.

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  • Remote Support
  • Installer
  • Cert
  • Backup HelpDesk
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